If you’re like many people, you may not know how often you should vacuum your couch. A good rule of thumb may be to vacuum the sofa every time you dust. After all, the same amount of dust has fallen on your couch as has settled on your wood furniture and shelves—you just can’t see it as easily.

Quickly Vacuum the Sofa

Unless your couch sees heavy use, including pets, kids, snacks or a combination of these, it’s probably not necessary to remove the cushions every time you vacuum. Using your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment, go over the visible surfaces to remove dust, pet dander and crumbs. Then, switch to the crevice tool and quickly run it through the spaces between cushions and underneath any folds.

Thoroughly Vacuum the Couch Periodically

Periodically, you’ll want to get beneath and behind the cushions to remove dust and debris. Following a few simple steps will help you thoroughly vacuum your couch before those Cheetos make it to their one-year anniversary.

  • Remove all pillows and cushions
  • Vacuum the base of the couch, using the brush tool and crevice tools as needed
  • Vacuum each cushion with the brush tool before replacing it

Stubborn Pet Hair on Your Couch?

Certain types of pet hair like to cling to some types of upholstery. To remove stubborn pet hair from your couch, there are a few tricks. Use the one that works best for your particular fabric:

  • Run a barely damp sponge or cloth over the problem area
  • Wearing a rubber glove, wipe away pet hair with your hand
  • Try a sticky lint roller or some masking tape (never duct tape)
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