If you’re going to spend time vacuuming your floors, you should be getting the most out of each pass. That can mean taking a moment every so often to make sure your vacuum cleaner is ready to do its best for you. These maintenance steps can not only ensure cleaner floors, but may also save you from expensive vacuum repairs down the road.

Empty Your Vacuum Bag or Dirt Cup

Sounds obvious, right? Of course, most people know to perform this task. However, many people wait too long to do this. Your vacuum has the strongest suction when its bag is less than three-quarters full; so don’t wait until it’s completely full to exchange it for a new bag.

For bagless vacs, empty the dirt cup at around half to two-thirds full for best cleaning results. If it has a separate dust cup, be sure to empty that as well. It may be best to do this outdoors to prevent dust from becoming airborne and re-settling in your home. You should also be washing the dirt container out with warm water and letting it dry before replacing it onto the vacuum (check product information to be sure it washable).

Clean or Replace the Vacuum Filter

Your vacuum cleaner has a filter, as well. Some models have a replaceable HEPA filter. Others may have a washable one. In either case, allowing the filter to become too dirty will reduce your cleaning power. Change or clean the filter periodically as needed.

Clean the Brush Roller

This may be the most often forgotten vacuum cleaner maintenance task. Skipping it can result in excessive wear on your motor—not an inexpensive repair. Cut hair and strings from the brush roller often, especially if anyone in your home has long hair.

Let the Professionals Vacuum for You

If you prefer not to vacuum at all, we’d be happy to take over for you! Call us at 503-858-5312 or send us an email. Turn the time you once spent cleaning house into leisure time to spend with your friends and family.

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