Krista S

Had the OCD team (Jackie and Christine) over to deep clean our new-to-us home a few months after we moved in. The old owners didn’t leave it particularly spotless, and we hadn’t done much since move-in day. They came through with a very thorough, detailed cleaning from top to bottom. My kitchen and baths are sparkling and the carpet hasn’t looked this good in months. (I think I need a better quality vacuum, OCD has some top-notch cleaning tools that put my $79 vacuum to shame.)
They cleaned while I was home, and there were no solvent fumes or perfumey cleaning solution smells. They got to everything on my must-do list and most of the other stuff on the checklist. It was a big job on a large house; they really transformed the place.
It’s been easier to keep it neat since they came through, but I’ll still definitely be having them back to do periodic maintenance cleanings.

Tammi V

“One Clean Decision has been my housekeeping company of choice for over six months. They are reliable, detailed, friendly, and trustworthy. I’ve recommended them to several friends and colleagues.”

Linda H.

“OCD Maid Services has been cleaning for me for about 8 months. Jackie is very pro-active and pays attention to detail. She’s very open to feedback and I appreciate the two way communication. I can always count on her to be here at the scheduled time. I have high expectations and she always meets them.”

Sabrina P.

“I run a childcare out of my home & often find difficult, if not impossible, to get to the “not everyday” tasks. It puts my mind at ease to know that OCD is here to do them for me so that I can continue to provide a safe & clean environment for not only my children, but others as well.”

Christi M.

“My first cleaning experience and I was very pleased! We are in the middle of a house remodel and have a 2 year old and 8 month old, house cleaning got out of control to say the least. I had the bathrooms and kitchen done. I was very happy with the quality of work. I will be signing up for monthly service!”

Ric K.

“Jackie/OCD has been reliable, respectful and proactive. She is careful with our most prized possessions and communicates well. We expect a certain level of service and she always delivers. One less worry in life.”