Does Your Car Need Helping Hands?

If you’re like many busy people today, you may feel sometimes as though you live in your car. Your car’s interior can easily become a disorganized, unsightly mess. Who has time to discard all that trash and vacuum up crumbs and tracked-in dirt? Sure, maybe you can make time—but you’d probably rather spend that time with your family or enjoying your favorite hobby.

Interior Car Cleaning at Your Location

Our Helping Hands interior auto detailing service, you can have it both ways. Enjoy a fresh-smelling, clean car interior and keep your leisure time. We’ll come to your location, anywhere within our service area. While you relax and pursue other activities, we’ll get to work making your car’s interior road-trip ready.
We will:
• Remove trash and debris
• Organize items you want to keep in your car
• Wipe down all surfaces
• Clean interior windows and rear-view mirror
• Vacuum all carpet, seats and floor mats
• Spot clean upholstery
• Clean carpet with hot water vacuum-extraction cleaner

Mobile Car Detailing Prices

Mobile car detailing prices vary by vehicle size.
Small vehicle (two-seater): $50
Mid-size (sedan, coupe or small hatchback): $75
Large vehicle (SUVs and vans): $100
• Trunk cleaning: $15 additional
• Closed compartments: $10 each
You can’t beat the convenience of our mobile interior car cleaning service. Let us take care of cleaning out your vehicle while you work or play. Your location, our elbow grease!